Homes of the Greater Des Moines Area

Texture and detailing of a black wood door.

As years pass and I get better at navigating Des Moines, I have become familiar with homes throughout the city that scratch my architectural itch. Since I view these homes in passing, I set out to walk their neighborhoods and capture details that I could only appreciate up-close. Colors, textures and shapes that make them unique and add to the splendor of the city. 


Highlighting the bright blue hue of The Mansion located outside of DMACC’s Urban Campus captured in the sunlight.
Close-up of ornamental fencing.
Focusing on the home behind the fence, exhibiting more detail around the window heads.











Boston Ivy vine growing up a chimney.


Unique pattern of a stairway railing at an apartment building.


Texture and detailing of a black wood door.



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