AAC/DOT is the place to be! 

College can be difficult in even the best circumstances, but with the transition to online learning across all DMACC campuses students may find it more difficult than ever to receive help on assignments. 

The Academic Achievement Center, more commonly known as the AAC, is a place for students to go to receive help in any subject imaginable. Since the pandemic, the traditional workspace format has changed a bit. When campuses were closedthe staff were able to launch the DOT, a virtual AAC. 

Farfum Ladroma works to the regulate entire operation of the AAC/DOT. Both he and the staff of 60 at the AAC are always working on the best way to serve students. Long before pandemic, they came up with the DOTDMACC Online Tutoring. “It’s a small community within a bigger institution, we still want to make sure people feel like they are not just a number,” said Ladroma 

The AAC and DOT exist for the students, Ladroma believes that it is a place where students feel comfortable, welcome, and heard[In college]I went to their version of the AAC and it was so chaotic. There were so many people and I ended up waiting for a long time, and by the time I did get helpI just couldn’t understand the instructor I got, we had different learning styles, and I just felt so dumb walking out of it. I think that is why I feel so passionate about the AAC, because I never want students to feel like that,” Ladroma said. 

Omar Ordaz Landeros learned about the AAC from a counselor shortly after he enrolled at Urban. Instructors have used their skills to better explain certain concepts and guide him through study techniques, helping him become a more confident student. “Sometimes it is okay to say, ‘I don’t know it all.” It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. What’s not okay is for you to give up,” said Ordaz Landeros 

Having used the resource for several semesters, he recommends it to anyone and everyone that he can. Ordaz Landeros says, “These people in the AAC/DOT have such a kind heart to be helping others, they become more than just acquaintances, they become like family. They want to see you succeed. I cannot say enough good things about those people. 

Many students may be hesitant to use the AAC/DOT due to general anxiety, language barriers, or learning disabilities. The instructors understand that it can be uncomfortable to reach out and ask for help. By giving students the option to schedule an appointment, which guarantees you up to 30 minutes of one-onone attention with an instructor. Along with appointments, the AAC/DOT offers drop-in labs so that every student will be able to find a place they are comfortable enough to ask for help. 

The AAC/DOT staff are DMACC instructors from all six of DMACC’s campuses. The instructors come from various backgrounds and skillsets which they use to the students benefit. Instructors also have access to copies of nearly all textfrom all the Urban classes, so they can be the most help in getting you to truly understand the material you are working on. 

By going online to the AAC home page, students can scroll down to access a virtual classroom where drop-in schedules are posted. During those times, students can simply access the virtual classroom receive help in whatever subject they need.  

There is a video tutorial posted on the homepage to help students become more comfortable with using the resource for the first time. 


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