Spring 2024

T’Isis M.

T’Isis Murray is 18yearsold and is a firstyear DMACC student working towards her AA in Psychology. She enjoys creativity in all its forms including; art, film, music, food, games, and self-expression. Though still unsure of what direction life is pulling her, T’Isis looks forward to all the new experiences waiting for her.

Kuburat S.

Kuburat Sunmonu’s enrollment at DMACC is evidence of her power and enthusiasm. She enrolled in an ELL course last year and completed it. Currently, pursuing an AA in Liberal Arts, she is beginning to work toward her ideal profession as a journalist. Kuburat has always had a smile on her face. She enjoys a calm life and pursues her dreams despite obstacles in her way. 

Carter V.

Carter Voss is a transfer student who recently moved to Des Moines from Minnesota. He is motivated to bring you great pieces about life at DMACC as well as how we are connecting to the world around us. If you see him around campus, you can always get into a conversation about sports, movies/TV, popular culture or current events!

Fall 2023

Eric D.

Eric Daylue is 23 years old and a first-year student. He took a break between high school and college to get in the right mindset. He hopes to complete the year with the best grades he’s ever gotten in his life. He isn’t sure what his major will be but he wants to make sure it takes him to a new beginning.

Nelly L.

Nelly Lyauma is a 19-year-old in her first year as a DMACC student. She is working on earning her AA, after that she is planning on transferring to Iowa State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in journalism. She enjoys spending time with family and friends during her spare time and also experiencing new things in her life.
Kiara P.

Kiara Peck is a first-year DMACC student on track to earning her AA in liberal arts, with plans of transferring to a university to earn a full bachelor’s degree in journalism. She enjoys self-expression in the forms of writing and fashion, and is an avid music lover. 

Spring 2023 – London Vibe!

Abby A.

Abby Asell is nineteen years old and is working to complete an associate degree in Liberal Arts at DMACC. In the future, she plans to attend the University of Iowa and pursue English, creative writing, and Spanish. She enjoys anything and everything that allows her to be creative.

My B.

My N. Bui is eighteen years old and majoring in business at DMACC Urban and Ankeny campuses. She’s very open-minded and is excited to learn from her classmates and other unfamiliar faces! She also enjoys writing, so hopes to master her skills during this semester. During her free time, she likes to do nail art, make-up, fashion, and talk to her friends

Dayton K.

Dayton Knobloch is a first-year marketing student at DMACC. He hopes to foster excellent writing and factual reporting skills during this semester. He enjoys traveling, watching TikToks, and reading in his spare time. He is still determining what he wants to do after college but hopes it will be a job he enjoys.

Fall 2022

Nemesio A.

Nemesio is an eighteen-year-old in his first year at DMACC. He hopes to meet new people and build connections. He is curious about the perspectives of others and learning new things from other people. He wants to learn new writing skills and get better at storytelling

Noemi C.

Lincoln and Central graduate of the class of ‘22, Emi is getting her associate in English here at DMACC. She enjoys writing, literature, fashion, music, and spending time with family. 

Khavani C.

Khavani A. Clarkson is a first-year student attending DMACC. She hopes to obtain her AA in Liberal Arts so that she can transfer to a four-year college. Khavani has always been a person with a smile. She chases her dreams, no matter how difficult or challenging they seem to be. In her spare time, she enjoys writing stories and scripts as well as creating wonderful drawings of people that come to mind whether it’s her own creations or others she looks up to.

Veronica N.

Veronica Nyongi is starting her adventure at DMACC Urban as a freshman aiming to achieve a liberal arts degree. In a couple years, she will be transferring to Iowa State to complete her bachelor’s degree. She hopes her future career involves writing and creativity. Veronica enjoys writing and photography, which is what brought her to the Urban Vibe. 

Spring 2022

Linsey K.

O’a (Meskwaki for hello)! Linsey Kapayou is currently in her second year at DMACC pursing her AA degree before joining the Mortuary Program. She is excited to be working with the DMACC Vibe this semester showcasing her amazing TikTok abilities of everyone’s smiling faces on campus. In her free time, you’ll see her taking off on flights to sporadic destinations for the fun of it (with her baby in tow) or spending time outdoors making memories with her kids. She is honored to be a face for her indigenous community at DMACC.

Sam P.

Sam Petrillo is a second-year student attending DMACC. He hopes to earn his AA in liberal arts and then transfer to a four-year university. Since Sam was a child, he has dreamt of being a creative writer in some capacity. Sam’s current passions fall on the silver screen where he hopes to become a professional screenwriter. Outside of the classroom, Sam spends most of his time watching and learning about films, listening to music, or working on some other artistic endeavor.

Fall 2021

Hayden D.

Hayden Davis moved to Des Moines, Iowa from St. Augustine, Florida. She’s lived in Des Moines now for three and a half years and is currently pursuing an A.A in Liberal Arts. Hayden has always had a profound passion for writing, such as writing short stories, poems, music etc.  She plans to use the credits she has acquired to transfer to a university to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in English or Creative Writing. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her fiancé, friends and pets, as well as gaming; she loves being outdoors and traveling as much as she can.

Lillian G.

Lillian Gunnink was born and raised in West Des Moines and loves her home. She’s been attending DMACC off and on for three years in hopes of getting her AA in Liberal Arts. After DMACC, Lillian wants to transfer to a university to study sociology. In her free time, Lillian loves spending time with her cat, Fran, and doing various crafts and puzzles.  

Spring 2021

Corinne B.

Corinne Beltrame is a junior studying Public Relations and Digital Media Production. With a passion for storytelling and performing, Corinne hopes to work in communications in the entertainment industry after graduation. Outside of classes, Corinne enjoys playing piano, reading, and watching movies. Corinne is excited to spend the semester sharing stories and strengthening her journalism skills.

Sam F.

Sam Fowler is a freshman studying journalism. With his education from DMACC, Sam hopes to continue his academic journey and explore a career in sports journalism. Sam loves to watch sports, listen to rap music, and play video games. Sam hopes to continue to grow as a writer and eventually write for ESPN one day.

Amy L.

Amy Lund is a sophomore studying Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. With her education from DMACC and Iowa State University, she hopes to be a designer and communicator in the agriculture industry. Amy plans after graduating are to work for a company that specializes in livestock production whether position be in communication, marketing, or graphic design. She is excited for her upcoming summer internship in Omaha, Nebraska with the American Foods Group as a graphic design intern. Amy’s hobbies include being social with friends, spending time with family, playing piano, singing, videogaming, and watching movies.

Jacki S.

Jacki Sorensen is a sophomore studying liberal arts with an emphasis in journalism. Jacki hopes to pursue a career in mass communication at an international news source and report on stories and events happening worldwide. After DMACC, Jacki is transferring to Florida Gulf Coast University to continue her journalism degree and minoring in environmental studies. Outside of school, Jacki works fulltime and loves to travel globally, visiting 11 countries so far and more trips planned for this summer. Jacki also enjoys trying new foods, hanging out with friends, and writing.

Fall 2020

Elliott G.

Elliott Groves is a student at Des Moines Area Community College working towards his Associate in Liberal Arts. After graduating DMACC, Elliott plans to transfer to the University of Northern Iowa to major in Communications and Marketing. Elliott is also the proud father of a Miniature Schnauzer named Benny (above).

Molly L.

Upon completion of her AA at Urban, Molly plans to pursue a degree in digital media production at Drake University. With an ear for music and a passion for travel, Molly has plenty of stories to share. One year, she was almost struck by the Jonas Brothers tour bus while exiting a music festival with friends. She swears she got a glimpse of Joe Jonas just after the incident.