Kiara’s Go-To Study Spots

The fall semester is nearly over, which also means that I am almost through with my first semester of college. Being back in school the past couple of months has been great, and getting to explore campus and the neighborhood surrounding has been my favorite part.  

The amount of coursework I complete in a day is very dependent on the environment that I’m in. As is the case for most other individuals; it’s all about preference. My bedroom is one of my favorite places to be, but it is where I’m least productive. This collection of photos captures the spots around campus that I most enjoy completing work at. 

My current desk set-up. I have accomplished a certain ambiance in my bedroom that makes it difficult to do anything but rest and relax.


This cozy corner is located outside of the room where I meet two different classes in Building 4. It’s a great, quiet spot I like to sit at before or after classes and there’s a power outlet on this wall.


Close-up of the workspace in the TRIO-SSS lab.


“The pods,” as I call them, located on the second floor of Building 7.


When in the student lounge, I often like to sit at one of the two tables along the northwest windows.


Not on, but near campus, the Mars Café. My favorite booth near the back door shines amazing sunlight into the building.

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