Favorite Food Spots in London

London is one of the multicultural city that has a lot to offerfrom architecture to museumsbut most important of all is the food! Here are somemainly locallyownedrestaurants that I have tried that I found delicious and affordable. 

Located in Uxbridge Road, one of the finest Japanese restaurants is Te Ke Sushi.

This is Nando’s, one of the well-known South African restaurants that serves delicious peri-peri style chicken. I really like the ordering methods where you can order directly through your phone by scanning the QR code noted on the table and they will serve your food from there. Nando’s has five different peri-peri sauces that range from hot to medium. My personal favorite is the garlic medium as you can see on the image!  

This green mango salad that is a patchwork of flavors ranging from sweet, sour, minty, and spicy. Also pictured is a green tea lemonade. This place is called Pho!

Craving a spicy stew soup with tofu and pork belly and a side of plain white rice? This is Kimchi Jjigae located in Shepherd’s Bush. The restaurant is called CHO SIM. 

Here is something on-to-go during Uni breaks. There’s a deli lunch spot called The Sandwich Shop, generic name but pasta and sandwiches here delicious.

You can’t go wrong with English breakfast! Here is the breakfast that I ordered while roaming around Uxbridge.

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