Genesis Program

Genesis is a program that was invented to help immigrant people including parents and kids. It is located on the 5th floor, of the Hope+Elim building at Des Moines, Iowa. Sam Gabriel started the program due to his experience as an immigrant in America. Gabriel came from the refugee camps with a fifth-grade education level and was immediately placed in the seventh grade, which he was unprepared for, he struggled with his schoolwork and spent years trying to educate himself. He knew that he was not alone in his struggle and wanted to build better support for his community. He started the program in 2014 Genesis provides education support for elementary, middle, and high school. It has accomplished a lot for the community.  

They provide the services that children need to level the playing field while empowering them and their immigrant families through athletic play, education, dance, and music. Mondays are for elementary school, Tuesdays are for middle school, and Wednesdays are for high school. Thursdays are soccer practice for middle school and high school and Fridays are various activities example, anyone who wants to learn to sew and children practice and perform dances. Before the kids go home, they always make sure each kid gets a meal. Whenever the kids get to the program first thing, they would make them do an IXL for 30 minutes. IXL is a tool that the children use to practice all kinds of subjects for example math, science, and history. The program provides transportation for the kids, so the parents don’t have to pick up and drop them off. Saturdays are for the parents’ program, where parents are taught basic English, computer skills, and financial aid. 

This is one of the media leaders; her job is to let the community know about any events that will be happening at Genesis.
This is a picture of a student doing her IXL before doing other activities.
This is a picture of a woman who volunteers at the center making food for the kids.
This is one of the adults from the adult education. In this picture, she is being taught to write in English.
These are the sewing machines they use every Friday.

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