Dirty Truths About Pig Farms

If you have ever watched the classic 1995 film “Babe,” you know just how extraordinary pigs can be. Pigs, like dogs and cats, are extremely clever, loving, social creatures that get along well with humans.  

However, these kindhearted, emotional animals lead vastly different lives than our domesticated furry friends do. Many pigs spend most of their life in captivity in filthy conditions on factory farms. The small amount of time they spend on this earth is pure misery for these animals, this barbarism must change.

According to The National Humane Education Society“approximately 105 million pigs are raised yearly for slaughter on factory farms.” These pigs endure living in tiny crates, where they have absolutely no comfort or place to lay down, and they are forced to roll around in their own urine and feces daily.  

Mother pigs are forced to live in gestation crates, where they can only move forward and backwards, and cannot turn around or move freely. Imagine the horror of being kept in one spot, stiff and achy during pregnancy.  

After giving birth, the sows are then forced into farrowing crates. Where they are briefly reunited with their babies before they are separated forever. This is heartbreaking to mother pigs, since pigs are naturally very emotional creatures. The poor sows never even get a break. Once the piglets are gone, the sows are forced to endure this process repeatedly and when the sows cannot take anymore, they are simply killed off.

Pigs in confined space. Image from Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Pigs in confined space. Image from Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

According to Sentient Media“The pork industry vehemently argues that the crates are comfortable and keep the mother pigs safe.” This offensive statement seems to be said out of self-interest, because anyone can see how cruel and unjust living in these conditions is for these animals. 

A life of imprisonment in crates is not the only cruelty pigs face in factory farms. They also endure violence from their caretakers.  

In 2018, an incident happened on Lincolnshire farm in Britain, where factory workers inflicted heinous violent acts against the pigs they were supposed to be caring for. One sick pig was kicked and hit so badly by workers, that he died shortly after. This wasn’t the only crime committed either. Over a period of time, these poor pigs were constantly kicked and tortured by workers, even provoked with pitchforks. What could have possibly compelled these men to commit these acts of evil?  

Fortunately, a hidden camera caught the workers in the act, and the men were fired immediately. However, nothing can undo the hurt they caused these pigs.  

According to neuroscientist Lori Marino of the Nonhuman Rights Project, “Pigs are so smart, that they can recognize other pigs they already know, they can form long-term memories, and they know which people have treated them well and which haven’t.” 

Pigs are conscious animals that are aware of what is happening to them, they feel every bit of the abuse inflicted upon them. That is why it is our duty as human beings to stop this abuse before it happens.

There are many ways towards stopping this abuse. Firstly, you can spread the word of what happens in factory farms, because most people have no clue how much these pigs are truly suffering. Secondly, you can petition to the government for better care for pigs in factory farms and safer places for these pigs to live. Thirdly, you can become a vegetarian/vegan and substitute meat for tofu and vegetables to stop these senseless slaughters altogether.

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