11/23/2020 – Research on Giving Thanks

11/16/2020 – Pandemic Fatigue Q&A with Consider This 

Visit the Consider This episode website to download and listen.

11/2/2020 – Good News 

It can seem like doom and gloom when most of the headlines are negative. We’ve gathered some uplifting stories to share:

  1. Creative Halloween Candy Distribution (Here, Here, and Here)
  2. An Out-of-This-World Costume
  3. Celebrating Life’s Wins
  4. Heartwarming Reunions
  5. A Reprieve from Crying Wolf

10/26/2020 – Help at DMACC 

Whether you’re feeling down because of the shift in seasons, anxious because of the upcoming election, isolated because of the pandemic, overwhelmed because of the amount of schoolwork, or stressed because of issues with family and relationships, DMACC counselors can help. Almost all services are available remotely.

10/19/2020 – Midterm Blues 

Happy Midterm Week! We’re halfway through the semester, y’all… and there’s a lot going on. The stress of trying to balance school with work and life can take its toll. Be kind to yourself!

9/28/2020 – Spotlight on a Local Resource 


We get by with a little help from our friends. The local community organization, Please Pass the Love, provides youth programming, educator training, and other mental health resources.

9/21/2020 – Vibing with Brené Brown’s Podcast Unlocking Us 

Visit the Unlocking Us website to download and listen.