Liverpool: More Than Just “The Beatles”  

Two liver birds stand on top of the Liver Building. It’s believed that if the liver birds leave Liverpool, the city will cease to exist.

Matt Scieszinski

Liverpool: mainly known by Americans for two things: the Liverpool Football Club and being the birthplace of The Beatles. Even though I’m neither a fan of the LFC nor The Beatles, Liverpool is a city I’ve always had the urge to visit.   

With a friend of mine in town ready to give me a tour, I was ready to spend a day and learn about what Liverpool has to offer me.   

The UK’s cross-country train system is the best and most convenient way to get to Liverpool. By train, London to Liverpool is around a three and a half hour trip north (think traveling from Des Moines to Minneapolis by car).   

I barely felt the time pass as I gazed out of my train window at the view of the English countryside. Very quickly, I noticed how well defined the border of London is compared to the surrounding villages. With all the views of creeks, full green farm fields, and rolling hills, the countryside reflected all my favorite views of Iowa back to me.   

After arriving at Liverpool Lime Street Station, I checked into my hotel and went out to explore Central Liverpool. Immediately, I noticed the calmer atmosphere here compared to London. It was a bright, sunny Friday with a clear sky I hadn’t seen since leaving home. People walk throughout the town in groups with an open demeanor about them, like they’re ready to answer you about how their day’s going.   

My friend, Nick Alverez, met me near the entrance of the shopping district and took us through the heart towards the waterfront, giving me the 411 on the museums and restaurants I had to know about before I headed back to London.   

Alvarez emigrated here from Mexico last year and has loved his new home here ever since. “What attracts me to Liverpool the most is that for a very well-known city, it’s full of gorgeous architecture, endless amount of entertainment options, and charming people with the loveliest accent in the United Kingdom,” Alvarez said.   

Liverpool has a Tate art museum, Maritime history museum, Titanic Memorial Museum (Liverpool is where the White Star Line held its headquarters), and dozens of unique pubs and cafés, all with their own history.   

I hope to come back to Liverpool one day. I felt welcomed into the city, and I had an amazing time exploring. I have a little slice of home in Liverpool now, and if you love the urban life of Des Moines, you’ll find that same piece of home found there too! 

The statue of The Beatles facing the river bank made me feel tiny, and I’m 6 feet tall!
Sunset view on the Liverpool side of the River Mersey as it looks out to the Birkenhead and Wallasey skyline.
Castle Street is just one of the many walkable streets throughout Central Liverpool. Liverpool town hall marks the end of the road.
View of the Royal Albert dock facing Central Liverpool to the north.
You can see perfect replicas of The Beatles’ iconic St. Pepper suits at The Beatles Story Exhibition.
Two liver birds stand on top of the Liver Building. It’s believed that if the liver birds leave Liverpool, the city will cease to exist.

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